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Visit Tijana's Youtube Channel, The Tapping Project. 

You can also find all of her videos listed here! 

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Learn Functional EFT Basics and Lower Current Stressors

The first of Tijana's Trauma Research Foundation Tuesday Sessions on Radical Resilience with Tapping 

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Public Tapping 

Tijana discusses your concerns about practicing Tapping in a public setting, or during times of anxiety when you need to Tap discreetly for calm and clarity.

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Tapping Basics

You may ask, "How do I Tap? What do I say? Where do I start?" These are the questions that Tijana is always asked at every conference and training. Marissa, a social worker who attended a NASW Conference in California, asked Tijana to create this video so that Marissa can use it for herself and her clients. So, this one is for you Marissa- Tapping Basics!

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Let Go of Self-Judgement & Procrastination with Tapping

Feel like you just can't get motivated? Maybe you're a little stress, anxious, or feeling down and blaming yourself? Tijana guides viewers through Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)/Tapping to let go of self-judgement and procrastination.

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Tapping For Nurses 

Nurses are on the frontlines of the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic. Through Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)/Tapping, Tijana hopes to help reduce stress and anxiety in the lives of these superheroes.

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Tapping for Addiction Relief

Tapping (EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique) can be used in so many ways, including as a method to help with addiction.

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COVID-19 Anxiety Relief with Tapping 

Tijana guides viewers through Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)/Tapping to calm fears and anxiety over the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic.

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Tapping for Anticipatory Anxiety 

Do you ever feel like you've lost control? Are you anxious about what's to come, or worried about the bad things that may happen in the future? Take a few minutes to Tap, and email Tijana at  for your complimentary Tapping script on Anticipatory Anxiety!

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Rant Tapping with Tijana

Tijana discusses her favorite form of EFT, Rant Tapping!

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 Tapping to Release Emotions

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Procrastination, Perfection, and why SMART Goals Don't Work 

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