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  • Tijana Coso

EFT: A Fast and Easy Way to Change

Updated: Dec 20, 2021

Are you excited knowing your life is on its ultimate trajectory? Do you just love your career and life? Are you a procrastinator or a perfectionist? What could possibly be holding you back from the CHANGE you desire? Wouldn’t you rather be doing the happy dance and creating a life by design instead of being frustrated with a life by default?

We operate from the conscious mind less than 5% of the day. Unless the subconscious mind has the same programming as the conscious mind, the power of positive thinking will not work.”

-Bruce Lipton, Ph.D

Here’s the translation as it relates to your goals and desires. Our inner world really is reflected in our lives. Why? And why is that the basis of my training system? Well if your inner world is reflected by your outer world (countless research has proven this), then you need to know what your inner world (unconscious programming) is thinking because it’s driving your behavior and thus creating your life. Put it this way, unless your inner world, your unconscious mind from where 95% of your programming behavior stems, has the same goals as your conscious mind (5% of your programming behavior) all the goals and dreams you have will not work. Even though I am not strong in mathematics I easily deduced that I would rather have access to 95% power (unconscious programming) than 5% (conscious programming/logic). So the million dollar question is, who here knows how to talk to their unconscious to find out what it believes? Sound a little “New Age-y?” Well it’s not, it’s a technique I use in all of my training programs that is science- and researched-based.

The fact is that the secrets to change and success we’re all looking for boil down to our own patterns of thought that we play out in our life over and over again. The good news, the hallelujah news is that our attitudes and habits can be retrained for happiness and success. But it isn’t by years of therapy or another “how to” book or seminar. It is through a life-changing technique that I learned when I went through a trauma and added to my coaching toolbox so I can now help people to get where they want to be faster whether it is in life, business or relationships.

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