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Laura Walsh, Trauma Research Foundation

 Assistant Program Manager

“Tap, Talk, Tell the Truth” – These foundational steps to Tijana’s Emotional Freedom Technique are simple yet profound.  Tijana is one of Trauma Research Foundation’s newest Therapeutic Alliance Members.  In her recent series at TRF, Tijana focused on what she calls “Functional EFT” – her own brand that is simple and can immediately be incorporated into daily life.  Her style and approach to teaching EFT was engaging and very well received.


-Marilyn I,LISW-S NASW Ohio Supervision Workshop Attendee

“I am so appreciative of learning EFT. I have used it with good success with many clients now. I even used [EFT] last week via FaceTime session. It was so wonderful to attend a workshop and walk away energized. I love having a new tool to use and to share.”


Jen K.

“I was a student in a workshop Tijana taught at the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland titled “Stress Less, Live More, Learn Tapping.” Tijana was a stellar teacher and facilitator. I felt she listened intently when I had questions and would ask questions to make sure she understood where I was coming from. She was extremely authentic in all her interactions. She and her co-facilitator quickly created an environment that made it feel safe to step out and try the new techniques they were teaching us. I would gladly attend another workshop with Tijana or seek coaching from her without any hesitation!”


Kora S.

“What an eye opening experience. I was skeptical at first, not knowing what to expect. The techniques that were introduced really changed my life. It felt like the negative energy was fighting my soul to leave but good always trumps bad. I am still in awe thinking about how 40 something years had been fused into my life and it didn’t belong to me to begin with. Thank you for unlocking things in me I never knew existed.”


– Dan S., Ed.D, LCSW, Social Worker at Munroe County School District

“Tijana taught a great group session at the NASW-FL 2019 Conference. She taught EFT (tapping) from a trauma-informed perspective and helped us learn and practice new skills to use this evidenced-based technique. Great teacher! Thanks.”


MaryAnn, Attorney, CA

“Thanks to Tijana, I am much more satisfied with the growth of my law practice and am excited about seeing so many opportunities coming my way! Tijana helped me to conquer my unknown limiting beliefs. In addition, I have now gained a powerful tool in tapping to address any future issues as they arise. Tijana is a wonderful teacher and has great insights that will help anyone achieve a happier, more successful life.”


– George J., Licensed Clinical Social Worker at Belleair Behavioral Health

“Tijana is an outstanding educator/presenter. She is convivial, cheerful, encourages questions during her presentation, clearly outlines difficult to grasp concepts and techniques, and assists in the practice of EFT techniques. I have attended numerous workshops and CEU events for more than 28 years and Tijana is clearly one of the most expert and elegant presenter. I was most impressed with her ability to demonstrate and discuss challenging techniques that have a positive outcome for practitioners and clients.”


– Alcohol Drug Addiction and Mental Health Service Board of Cuyahoga County workshop attendee

Tijana informed and inspired us to tackle our challenges armed with fresh insights and MOST IMPORTANTLY — A TOOL to actually make changes.”


Louise Profit

Licensed Social Worker, Certified Trauma Professional & Certified Imago

Relationship Therapist

Tijana’s passionate and practical nature unites to deliver tapping instructions that make EFT accessible and repeatable for everyone! I use it all the time. Personally and

professionally. It gives me the moment of pause to help me check in with my emotional

reaction and what is really going on!”


– M. Scott Harhager, LPCC-S, CommQuest Services, Director Wilson Hall

“Tijana presented the basics of EFT/tapping several times to a large group of our male clients and the results were amazing! After just one presentation, I witnessed several clients continue to use these simple techniques as their “go to” coping skills in early recovery. They feel empowered because they found something that really works for them! I am eager to continue teaching our staff and residents EFT.”


– National Association of Social Workers workshop attendee

“Tijana is right, theory and inspiration aren’t enough to make changes or I would be a stress-free emotional superstar with all of the trainings that I have been required to attend.”


– Brian Hudzik, MSW, LISW-S, LICDC

“I believe the topic of EFT is a timely and effective tool in the mental health and addictions fields, and Tijana brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the participants attending her training. Her style of presentation and willingness to engage with participants provided greater opportunity for learning and knowledge retainment. From my understanding and practice, I find EFT to be an excellent source for professionals to utilize as a form of self-care and would be an excellent tool for interested clients to utilize as an intervention/coping skill. Personally, I would enjoy attending one of Tijana’s longer training sessions in order to gain more background, understanding, and practical skills to utilize EFT.”


– Donna Palazzo, Services Specialist at Clearwater Council of Governments

“I attended a Basic EFT Stress Relief session with Tijana at a work forum this past week. She was enthusiastic and I thoroughly enjoyed her presentation. I could identify completely with her brain-body connection message as it has been my life experience as well.

Going through the facilitated intervention really made me a believer that this could be something that works for me. I felt refreshed and am looking forward to my next experience.
Thank you, T!”


– Nancy Richards, Executive Director at Clearwater Council of Governments

“I had the wonderful opportunity to learn from Tijana last week. I had never heard of Tapping before. She is a truly engaging speaker who makes you want to learn more. Her wit and humor while teaching was a great way to get the crowd Tapping and fully participating. We are going to bring Tijana to our part of the state to share her knowledge. Thanks for the great afternoon.


Sarah Fox, Hospital Nurse

“I thought I was alone with my fears of doing anything wrong with my patients; however being on a call with other nurses I realize that I am not alone! And the others have been nurses way longer than I have! Seriously it was a big relief just knowing I wasn’t the only one.”

Your employees don’t need another ‘how to’ or motivational seminar.  
They need help becoming the best they can be.
After that everything else is easy.
Tijana Coso, Coso Coaching


– Gail Weisend, LISW-S Adjunct Professor, University of Akron, School of Social Work

“Tijana, Thank you so much for the presentation and tapping experience. It was informative and interesting! The students were engaged, learned important tapping skills and how to begin to use them for themselves and their clients. I received excellent feedback from the students!”


– D. Wells, Company Owner

“Tijana does a great job of teaching this phenomenal stress relief technique – she makes it engaging, informative, and personal! It is truly amazing that one session of learning this technique can make a lifetime difference! We did a program at my office with my employees and associates – what a difference it has made!”


– Michigan Association of Early Young Children Conference attendee

“Thank you so much for doing the stress management workshop. This is the one class out of three days of learning that stuck and I can use for me and teach my students. Thank you for making a difference :)”

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Happy Michigan HR Manager

All I can say is WOW! I am a believer in coaching with Tijana. My boss retired and I was doing the human resource manager’s job for six months without the pay, title with no mention of promotion in sight. After one session of working with her on my core beliefs of “I’m not good enough” I was able acknowledge my abilities and quiet the critical voice. I went to management and asked to be compensated for what I am truly worth. With $30k more in my paycheck and other management perks I am on the road to embracing my true power. I am not going to say that I don’t sometimes slip back to stinking thinking, but I continue to work with her and the tools she gave me.


– Alcohol Drug Addiction and Mental Health Service Board of Cuyahoga County workshop attendee

“Tijana informed and inspired us to tackle our challenges armed with fresh insights and MOST IMPORTANTLY — A TOOL to actually to make changes.”


 John P. 

“I had reached a point in my life where I had hit the wall with my relationships and my career. I’ve found the status quo way of doing things was never my bag and a more spiritual approach to life resonated with me. I ran into Tijana at a professionals event and decided to give her life coaching a try. I’m glad I did, I was able to pinpoint some issues in my life that for decades have been a source of unconscious conflict and struggle. What you resist, persists, it’s so true. With Tijana’s coaching, I was able to recognize and bring clarity to the hidden motivators that were a detriment to my success. I honestly feel a tangible sense of relief and my approach to life has changed in a positive way moving forward.”


Jacquelyn P. R.

“Tijana creates such a welcoming, safe environment where one can experience life-changing shifts, get unstuck, and create new patterns that get us out of the familiar, yet ineffective rut. I love meeting in person because the energy is so strong as a group, change can often happen faster. It’s also a fantastic option to meet over the phone for days when my schedule doesn’t allow me to come in person, and I often use those sessions as review where I can take more notes. While changes happen at different speeds, I’ve noticed some very real shifts in my day-to-day reality. It can feel unreal or even very subtle at times, so I’ve begun to journal the changes to see how far I’ve progressed… the results are pretty surprising – and I’m completely sold on Tijana’s group! She’s gone out of her way to help me get closer to the transformation she’s experienced in her own life, and I’m very grateful for her support.”


Deborah J McKenna LCPC;The Cluttered Mind

"A wonderful and effective clinical tool can be applied in a very uncomplicated

manner with the help of Tijana Coso's The Tapping Tool.  Providing examples

and easy step-by-step instructions, she helps clinicians and other mental

health professionals help their clients who are suffering from anxiety, stress, and other mental health issues.  Using her approach, clinicians can easily implement and teach Tapping in a new way.  This EFT book is an excellent

resource to add to your toolbox.  You never know; it might become your main

resource before you even realize it."


Sue E.

“I work in a fast paced industry where clear thinking and prompt action are essentials. I would have days when I would become bogged down with old issues that would stall my progress or cloud my thinking. Tijana helped me stop the negative messages that I was sending myself to open a pathway of renewed joy and confidence resulting in more productive days both professionally and personally.”

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